Concord Church Dallas


…“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

UpLIFT Seeks to GROW Young Adults by creating an atmosphere that promotes real, relevant and relational connections with God, self, and neighbor.

The intended purpose of UpLift is to connect with Young Adults to assist in their continued growth. Our desire is to address the holistic ministry focus presented by Christ in Luke 10:27 that focuses on Loving God, Self, and Neighbor.

Our vision is to transform and impact the lives of Young adults through Christian principles, developing Godly relationships, demonstrating spiritual growth, and striving to discover God’s purpose for their lives. The ultimate goal is to bREAL, bRELEVANT, and bRELATIONAL in our teaching, ministry, and everyday walk.